Masti London
Kayo is absolutely amazing, we are accustomed to hiring
magicians at our events, but this goes beyond, I have never
seen anything like it in all those years.

The Castle
We hired Kayo through a statement that insisted a lot, I had
just talked to him on the phone and agreed some details, he
arrived at our party with his mystic style and made levitate
my wine glass, I was right in front of him and I still do not
understand what the hell he did it!!

Nude Noir Group
You really really were phenomenal and I can’t tell you how
happy I am that I found you! Music worked really good, it
added to the mystery and beauty of your performance. I
really hope I will see you soon again!

 Buskers festival Vienna
Hi Kayo, just would like to thank you so much for your
attendance at the Buskersfestival Vienna 2017. All the
wonderful artists and especially you made my weekend a
very, very special one and I´m so grateful for this
experience. Kayo, I really do wish you a great future from
the bottom of my heart, as I feel that you absolutely earn
this. Please try to come to Vienna again next year. Would
appreciate this sooo much! Lots of love and a big hug to
Eva Natalie


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