We can provide school curriculum. We would like to incorporate an alternative activity into the Australian School Curriculum. We will show that exercise can be fun  and educate children on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. By introducing fire spinning, we are positive more children, particularly those not generally interested in sports, will be more inclined to participate in Physical Education classes and benefit both physically and mentally. We have devised a lesson plan that outlines lesson objectives, learning experience, assessments and evaluations. Also included is a debrief and safety precautions plan. Through charity funding we would like to provide free practice equipment available to take home and for those wanting to take it to the next level we will have equipment for sale at student prices. It is our hope to gain the interest of enough students to hold an extra-curricular program for outside school hours.

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We sell variety of  FIRE, LED, & PRACTICE  equipment. All our products are custom made. 

Available equipment for sale:

- Dragon Staff

- Poi

- Chain Staff

- Rope Dart

- Fire Fans

We recommend spinners who are at a beginners level to start with our practice or LED equipment (under no circumstances can be lit on fire). Fractafire also do not take any responsibility for customer that injures them self from there own actions using the equipment/product (unless faulty).

school curriculum

 We offer a range of  fire spinning classes for all ages and skill levels.  These classes will improve confidence, motor skills and body awareness. Plus they're a great way to meet new, fun and interesting people.  

Options include:
    •  one on one lessons,
    •  group classes (at discounted prices) 
    •  free fire jams where you can play and learn in a relaxed environment
    • Festival, school and private workshops

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To encourage people of all ages away from the television and onto their feet, Fractafire holds gatherings and fire jams free of charge.  There is a range of equipment to choose from and always a new skill to embrace. With a free BBQ, workshops and the chance to meet new friends there are no excuses to be staying at home. We encourage musicians/percussionists to join us in a night of fun friends and fire! For your nearest location add us on facebook.

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Fractafire sells its own fire spinning fuel called  Fractafuel.  Fractafuel or better known as fire water is by far the best fuel to use for fire spinning, its has a low flash point making the fire a nice & bright and also is the less toxic fuel on the make (besides Shellite, which is highly flammable and should only used by an experienced spinner). 

Extensive research has shown that Fractafuel is one of the safest, cleanest burning and least volatile fuels available for fire spinning. It also provides great performance quality with less smoke than other fuels and a brighter flame.  Fractafuel is available in 1l, 5l or 25l bottles. 


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